smilegroda (smilegroda) wrote in daniel_vosovic,

so 2006...

OK, so I know I'm literally years late, but hey... Things don't travel that fast to Scandinavian television channels. There was this one day last summer where I happened to catch two episodes of season 2 on some Danish channel and in resulted in me being totally obsessed about Daniel for a couple of days, but it ended when I fell in love with this guy I actually stood a chance with. Anyways, two weeks ago I was channel surfing one morning and I came across a rerun marathon of season two on a Norwegian channel and the obsessing could continue, and it did. Now, Daniel is everywhere in my daily life. I mean everywhere, but I wasn't really happy before I had something Daniel inspired to wear, so I designed this print for a shirt I'm gonna get printed soon. I CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR IT!

Awsome community btw. Found SO MUCH STUFF here. Thanks, guys!

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